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just joined, introduction time

Hello! I just joined here, so I figured I should give an introduction...
Well, I'm a 19-year-old female, virgin (pretty much), right on the border line of not being legally blind (so I've got a good deal of vision in good conditions), and loveing this private LJ I've made for myself! I love what sexual activities I've done so far and I do love masturbating--no I'm not afraid to admit it *laughs*! I'm hopeing I'll find a good boyfriend when I get to college this August *sigh*. I'm getting awefully eager to explore this newly awakened labido of mine...!
Anyways, I haven't had time to look through much of this community yet, cause I don't have any sort of JAWS program here and my eyes are killing me lately from all the online reading. So not totally sure what to share on here quite yet. But I've got alot of stories, pics, drawings, quizes, and other things of a fun and sometimes naughty varity on my LJ if you'd like to friend me. :)
Oh, and I noticed that the mediator of this community has deleted their account... Is that a problem? don't you need a mediator for any community...? I'll find out about that some time.
Well, hope to read lots of hot entries in here!
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