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New member saying hello

Hello everyone-
Found this community on a search for various blind communities. I thought it was interesting so thought i would join. I am a totally blind graduate student from pennsylvania and I really enjoyed reading a few posts below regarding sighted people dating blind people and vice versa. I have had some bad experiences with semi relationships in the past, you probably know the kind, you get to know them then you find out that they weren't really dating you, they were doing it because they felt sorry for you.
I don't really have many friends/oppertunities to get in to relationships in the town I'm in at the moment but I will be moving out to pittsburgh for grad school in august so I hope to meet new friends there. I haven't had luck meeting friends when i was getting my undergrad degree, I wasn't antisocial, it's just that folks didn't want to seem to get to know me outside of classes or school work. If i'd ask someone to hang out, go somewhere etc, they mostly had excuses of "i have work or my boyfriend/girlfriend/family is doing something etc." It was sort of weird and after a while, I sort of stopped trying to get to know people. Which is probably a negative thing on my part but as I said, I hope moving to a new area may change things for me.
I also recently met someone online through a mailing list I've been on since around 1998 or so. It is a list for fans of the singer Sarah McLachlan and the people I have met over the years were/are some of the nicest people I've ever met in my life. This person and I have been talking online through msn/e-mail/skype for a while now and we have many things in common and have both expressed liking each other as more then friends. However, we think we should just take things slow, meet each other first or see how we feel in the upcoming months and go from there. She is sighted and that is one reason I enjoyed reading the sighted/blind post below. I think she is the first person to truely accept me for who i am and by that i mean, looking past the blindness to see the real me. We also have been finishing each others thoughts/sentences which i think is a little weird but funny and we also believe in many of the same things. She is from canada and the distance will of course be a factor. Does anyone have experience with long distance relationships between a blind and sighted person? Since the person in question is currently not online and I wanted to finish this post this evening, I apologize to her if she didn't want me to mention any of this. I thought I would just ask however to get peoples opinions, since the people who post here seem very nice.
Well i guess that is about it for now, thanks for reading and have a good day.
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